Friday, August 7, 2009

Letting Go*

My husband of 39 years. We were at Harkness Memorial Park, Waterford, Ct. getting a good view of the Long Island Sound, the ocean of our youth, before embarking on a most perfect bike ride.

As you can see the beauty & the power of nature speaks for it's self-- "The power & the glory, for ever & ever, *Amen*
Creativity & talent, must be nurtured, & expressed in order to fully blossom & grow. That's how it's done on earth, & they are back from outer space, so there they go--

I was talking with a dear friend this morning we planned for an up coming visit, but this one certainly sufficed. We touched upon many topics, but the one that resonates so very deeply is the one about letting go. Children grow up, we want them to go out into the world & lead well adjusted lives, parents grow old, when they leave they take part of us with them, our childhoods, & we of course grow older, God willing eventually old, but certainly not an adventure for cowards.

This very evening our youngest, our son of 23, was leaving from his home in Boston with his friends for a 2 week tour with their band "The Bynars". Yes, taking their show on the road & perhaps to a city near you. Their first stop; New Haven, Ct., promoting their most recent CD-- "The Bynars Back From Outer Space". I think they sound great. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Of course she would say that, she's the Mom." But I do know good music when I hear it, they have a modern tight sound, with a spacey edge. That's them-- "The Bynars Back From Outer Space".

So what does a woman like me do, with all this out of the nest flights going on? "That's right, take flight." It's my true, true way-- travel a bit out of my comfort zone, make plans to go to Michigan to my cousin's son's wedding, continue to pursue having our Children's Book published, & yes, finally get a dog. There's a new puppy out there somewhere that's just, just right, I'll find it & we'll have a new friend.

These changes are hard for me, a real challenge, but I can learn, grow & adapt. When life brings forth these major changes & adjustments, I find going to the sea, helps me to truly see. I look way out, as the land & the sky meet the vast ocean, the colors & the light, the air all around, & I know for these brief moments, as I take this experience into my fuller days, yes "life is beautiful", inner & outer space.

*Post Script of 8/8/09 at 4:40 pm} I just spoke to my son, The Bynars did not make it to their gig in New Haven last night, it seems there were some technical difficulties, it was in Worcester that their car broke down. The engine was turned off, for one reason or another & wouldn't restart, that was it, a no go. As we speak they're heading on a train to NYC, for yet another gig. As any mother would hope & pray, we are forever hoping & praying for the very best, indeed.


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