Sunday, August 16, 2009

A New Day & New Adventures In Puppyville--

We have a new member of our family, Dolly seems to be the name for now. She was given the name by her "Paws of Hope" family, & now that we've adopted this very laid back pooch, Dolly seems to still fit. When I finally reconvened my search for a puppy this summer, I looked at Standard Poodles, also considering; Labs, Boxers & even New FoundLands, my Aunt who is one of the dog experts in the family had encouraged me to pursue this, "Don't get a purebred" she said, "Ask some people who really know dogs. If you want a laid back dog, that doesn't jump up on you, they're out there. Rescue one. There are so many dogs that are unwanted & put down, use the Internet, be patient, you'll find one." & that's just what I did, with the help of my son who got me to a good site on Craig's List & here we are now.

Let me know what you think? It's been less than an hour since we've returned home with her & it's all way too cute & me-- well it's pure puppy joy! Why not.

*Closing Statement Of The Day-- {6:41 PM}

I've taken Dolly for 3 walks in the yard so far, every 2 hrs. is a pretty good schedule for starters. We've had one mini puddle in the house so far, & she really enjoyed having a dish of Puppy Chow all to herself, with no sharing necessary. Yesterday she was with a group of apx. 5 mixed pups, so her appetite really showed it's self today.
She seems to enjoy checking out her new yard, it's the smells that she's into. She's pretty much an Elvis-ite, a hound dog, very laid back, & with no rocking round the time, yet. Well I'm gonna get her up from her Dolly-nap, it's time for our walk, & new discoveries await.

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Michelle and Anthony said...

SOOOOOO CUTE! Your aunt is right. Mutts are the best, and rescued ones the best of the best. Hope you all had a quiet night's sleep.