Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Evening Out Without The Pup*

We finally had a night out without Dolly. It was fun to finally get out to see a movie. We saw "Julie & Julia" & give it 2 thumbs up. A very sweet movie with some interesting aspects to it's two stories, within the story, all around good acting & wonderful photography. This is not a review per say, just a positive note on a good summertime flick. It doesn't really make me want to cook any more than I already do, but I do appreciate the fine art of it, though cooking has never been one of my gifts or talents, except for baking cookies & cup cakes, that's my thing.

I put Dolly in her new kennel, she had all ready had her dinner, & a fair amount of exercise in the yard before we left for the evening. When we arrived back to our neighborhood there was a strong scent of skunk on our road, but luckily it faded as we entered our property & all. We sat in the driveway for a bit, & I wondered aloud why the dog wasn't barking. I thought that seemed odd, & I told my husband I had better check the kennel to make sure she was ok. I was somewhat concerned & all, & as I got out of the car & approached the path to her kennel who would come bounding down the stairs of our deck, but Dolly. That was a surprise & a relief, there she was taking it all in & happy to see us home too. It seems I didn't put the latch all the way down on the kennel door & that was just enough for our escape artist. I won't know till tomorrow morning what shape the deck is in, I can just image, but that can wait as I'm really not in the mood for any damage control right now & it's not going anywhere anyway. So in the AM I'll be sure to have my disinfectant spray & gloves in hand, & onward we go....

A puppy's mom's work is never done, from rising star to setting sun, something like that--

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