Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Thoughts On A Favorite Poet, We Too Drink Constant Comment Tea--

I just saw a Leonard Cohen documentary & was totally blown away by the depth of this humble human being. The genius in his poetry put to song, an eternal sadness in the irony of it all, painful to feel, yet richly beautiful. That is our life, our collective consciousness-- our human condition.

After viewing this film my first emotion was pure love & acceptance, not only to those that are my sunshine to get along with, in-- living this life, but especially to the individuals who I have perceived, as to having had given me grief, to them I remain truly grateful for the opportunities of growth. With this growth my renewed desire to visit the Peace Abey becomes a more focused thought. I am totally re newed, re inspired, & re acquainted with a mind that allows me to absorb what it is I have always know. Leonard Cohen has given us yet another spiritual avenue, sharing with us the valuable thread we all weave.

For God is with us, in our joys, in our sorrows & all the spaces in between.


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