Thursday, August 20, 2009

From "Paws Of Hope" & Remaining Hopeful--

The above photo was taken on the hot steamy day of this sweet pup's adoption on Sunday August 9th, 2009, since then we all pretty much know the story; Dolly Madison was rescued by "Paws Of Hope", she was born somewhere in South Carolina this past April, & brought up to our neck of the woods by this very devoted nonprofit. She was placed with me by the two gals you see above, who work very hard at getting the right pup for the right home, as I shared with them our past puppy adoption stories & as of today of course, my story continues--

Last night in the early evening we met my son, daughter in law & grandchildren downtown for ice cream, a walk by the waterfall & of course-- "Main Event" being-- "Meet the Puppy". Everyone really liked her, there were thumbs up all around, which makes sense as she's really just about the sweetest & smartest pup we've ever had. Here's the quandary-- We are uncertain of her breed, as she's a rescue pup of a mixed heritage. So this is the question that has arisen from time to time on our puppy topic-- What does a new mommy/puppy owner do? How can one be sure that the new dog they are bringing into their home, that their temperament is suitable for the family's lifestyle? We are by no means animal behaviorists, but we certainly know a good dog when we've met one. This pup has only been with us since Sunday, & she has only shown aspects of a sweet nature. My husband suggested we have her checked by our long time Veterinarian who has taken excellent care of our pets for some twenty years, & has always guided us in a well balanced direction. Our son last night said that even if this pup has some breed in it that may have a bad reputation, that those reputations were due to the owners of the dogs raising them in a poor way, that we are a kind & loving family & our dogs have always reflected kind & loving personalities & we have had mixed breeds & purebreds before. Anyway today at 4:30pm we will be getting an objective opinion, this will help to guide our decision making in a way that's in keeping to what we ultimately want, a good pet, for a good home.

Which President said-- "There are no guarantees in life." I believe it may have been our Nobel Prize recipient for "Peace"-- Jimmy Carter. No matter what, we are going forward on this in a well thought out & balanced manner. I do know that no matter the dog, a dog is a dog, & even the sweetest, most gentle of breeds have been known to be provoked when in situations that evoke their original basic instints of their times way back before domestication. For that reason alone we have always been cautious with our animals for they are just that, far closer to their earliest of heritage than we humans, or are they. What's our excuse?

6:05 pm Posting of the Day, Before We Go Off For A Walk:

Our late pm appointment with our Veterinarian worked out great. Our pup has of course many breeds mixed in her, the predominant one is Beagle, of Snoopy's "peeps", how right she is as I found fresh digging in the yard from today's outing, a basic instinct, "yes" an instinct of many dogs, but Beagles are know for this. As I reminded myself, [the earlier Jimmy Carter reference & all], truth be known, we as creatures at the top of this mass chain of the animal kingdom, must remain-- aware, vigilant, & continue to do our best in all situations in which we are charged with the care of others, be it our own families, friends, all creatures, & all life forms on this beautiful planet we call earth.
For my summer reading I think I'll take out James Herott's "All Creatures Great & Small", now where did I put that book? [It would certainly help in the spell check of the author's name.]

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