Saturday, August 22, 2009

We've Heard From A Bynar--

These photos are of a tee shirt a fan did in support of The Bynars 2009 Tour*

We received an email yesterday, from our main Bynar, our son who's the drummer. He said he didn't call as the international phone rates are way too high, he was in Toronto for one of the Tour's gig's & "yes" they had, had bad weather up there, but it was ok. I mentioned my concern for them in my previous email regarding the tornado that came through on the day of their performance. From there they were heading for Montreal to preform & tonight their schedule says- Burlington,Vt. My husband & I are going to try to catch up with them tomorrow evening, as they're booked in North Hampton, Ma.

{The above tee was done by the brother of the drummer, our son who may some day be asked to be his brother's entertainment attorney. Time will tell as we shall see, it's all of course still evolving.}

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