Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts On Puppy Care & Temperament*

When it comes to puppies they tend to take center stage. I remembered this morning back to when I was a kid, there was this very cute dog in the neighborhood I lived in when I was nine. I was at my friend's house that summer afternoon sitting on her back steps & the dog of center stage was a friendly brown Cocker Spaniel pup. Me, well I always loved dogs, wasn't allowed to have any pets other than a turtle when I was five, & a dog was a dream pet for a kid like me who enjoyed playing with her friends & all, but also liked to have a good share of quiet time, for reading or just plain day dreaming. A dog in those days was always out of the realm of possibilities, so if a friend had one who was friendly I could always be counted on to be it's friend too.

I'm still in the newbie stage with our new pup. Can't really be certain of what her mix is, but she is sweet, loving, friendly, & gentle. Is that enough of a qualification to keep a dog, & incorporate it into my family, for that I will have to give it all time. The dog I was petting at my friend's house just about five decades ago, who was seemingly so very sweet, sent me to the hospital that summer for a series of stitches. As a kid I was far too trusting, & I had allowed her pup to lick my face. Big, big mistake, as she really left her mark on me with two bites to my right eyebrow. In time they healed very well & it only presents a problem if I allow fashion to get in the way of my common sense & give the A ok for them to be plucked.

So, as with all new pets, it will be necessary to take a turtle approach, slow & steady, with good training & loving care & in time I'll know if all that's mixed in with her breed-wise is a good match for us. I'll keep you posted, so far so good.

*{End of the Day Note at 9:33 pm, with one last mini walk of the evening awaiting--

Puppy care is lots of fun

Puppy care does make one run

Puppy care it has it's treats

Puppy care is on one's feet

Puppy care has many walks

Puppy care it has it's talks

Puppy care there is a mess

Do it now, so there'll be less.

In puppy care she barks & cries

In puppy care the time does fly

In puppy care I get my laughs

In puppy care there is no pass,

Puppy care, I once was young

Puppy care when day's begun

With puppy care I need my rest

When puppies care, we've done our *best.

"Ok", "I'm coming".....


Sheila said...

What a lucky pup!!!! Enjoy!!!
Love, Sheila xoxo

Sheila said...

What a lucky pup!!! Enjoy!!!
Love, sheila xoxo