Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peace & Harmony Flags At The Pomfret Public Library

Rain, rain rain, that's been pretty much it for today, but on the inside, though it gets dark outside early, it was most definitely~
sunny, bright & warm~

Today I was booked for a Peace & Harmony Flag Making Project, at the Pomfret Public Library, & truly what wasn't to love! We had approximately twenty school children on this rainy afternoon, from third grade on. So after the kids arrived at the library directly from school, our Children's Librarian Kristin had a cheery snack awaiting of; popcorn, cookies, raisins, & a juice drink. The mix of kids was just perfect for the project at hand, but not before being read two books, by Kristin; a most gifted & talented Children's Librarian who so kindly invited this Peace Garden turtle, as I wore the turtle hat, that my grandchildren had given me for today's project, as it suited the day, & helped to set the theme, & what was not to love~ a tasty snack, good books, & a craft project that I really must say~ who enjoys more, the participants, or the facilitators, yes us!

It truly was a great time, of which I will return to the Peace Garden with some additional photos of the event, as the flags are still drying, but in a day or so, when I go back to the library, I'll most definitely take some more photos to share with you all!

Thank you Kristen, & everyone at the~ Pomfret Public Library, as it was certainly a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, no doubt about that!

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