Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tonights The Night For Our BeadforLife Party~

A few worthwhile hours spent this morning putting together this poster, it was so simple as the materials in the packet that were sent had everything I could have wanted, & all it took from me was a poster board, some colored paper, a glue stick & just a tad of tape, & there we go~
a colorful visual which not only adds to the texture of our party, but educates, & displays all of the BeadforLife handcrafted products~

Well the date has arrived, & I'm now, pretty much checking off items on my
to do list, & here's the list~

Copies with pictures of all items being offered listed, checked out portable CD player yeah it works!, so we'll be able to listen to the beautiful music done by the BeadforLife gals, will bring a computer & if someone knows how to run a DVD from my laptop we'll be viewing that too, 2 boxes of counted inventory all set to go, & last but not least;
refreshments of~ baked goods, preferably donuts, cider crackers & cheese, coffee & tea. Will scout out some colorful disposable tablecloths to perk up the room, & show off the beads, & also a basket of flowers for our table.

That's pretty much it, so now, its just my list of my own personal things to do, shower, the hair bit, & all of that, dress, ect..
Our Sisterhood Co-President of B'nai Shalom, Putnam, Ct., Sue, will be meeting me at our building at 5pm, which will give me a good two hours for us to set things up, & get in the flow, our member Peg, who is my co author friend, will be meeting us at around 6pm, which is excellent. Marge, our Public Relations Chair, is home not feeling well, she's the gal who has been turning everyone on to BeadforLife, through her daughter's long standing involvement of helping to promote the story, so I'll be visiting Marge tomorrow, to update her as to how the event went. She said her daughter would like to also sell some of the beads, which is lovely, as her daughter works at Assumption College in Worcester, Ma. where this project has in the past been very well received.

Well I'm off, pretty soon that is, for the food gathering aspect of our event. This part is also easy, as the items on my list, are simple to obtain, & will have been freshly gathered. I'll keep you all posted of course, but truly, doing this is the best of the best!

Eradicating poverty one bead at a time.

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Mike Champ said...

Sounds like it will be a great night! Enjoy!

Mother Lightning said...

It was a great event, & I'll be posting an update before too long.

Thank u* BeadforLife, & Sisterhood members, everyone helped, & it was really most beautiful.