Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Heroes The Mounties From Quebec, Canada, & A George Harrison Song~ We Thank You!

Here in Connecticut we've just come off of a real hard road, in regards to what happens in a society when it's basic needs of warmth & power is depended upon a utility company.
We're fortunate that the people we know, love & care about were able to deal with the cold nights by either bundling up, staying with friends & relatives, or running generators; but in a society & in a community, individuals will, from time to time fall through the cracks, who really is the watch dog on any of this... We can certainly inquire about the people we know, near & far, but those we don't know of, the individual who may be elderly, or ill, who may not have any active contact, outside their own little nest, who's watching out for these people?
Certainly not a utility company that really puts profits before the saftey & well being of the citizens they are supposed to serve.

What can I say? Not a whole lot more reguarding any of this. We need better laws to protect citizens from the selfish greed of utility companies as we go foward, as this is the 21st Century after all, or as George Harrison sang~ "Isn't it a pity, how we break each other's heart...

At the end of the day, it's the little things, like this snowtober stew, made with the meat our son needed to remove from his freezer due to the long upcoming days of no power. Our son, daughter-in-law, & grandkids, hold the family record, of no utility company power of
9 days total. We're all very fortunate that it's not truly wintertime, yet!

And now this enduring song from my favorite singer, songwriter, poet of all time, the man who gave The Beatles pure heart. George Harrison, we honor, & we miss you~

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