Monday, November 28, 2011

The Spectrums That Color Us

A beautiful day, as it came to an end, Monday, Monday...

My friends & I attend a very innovating oil painting class, most Mondays, & today we were all in attendance in post turkey form. Our teacher Laureen who is a most gifted artist takes time out of her busy life to work with us novices in the exciting medium of oil. Each, & every time we have the chance to paint together we always come away with a renewed desire to give it our best strokes ever.

On leaving Loreen's yard after packing up the car with our easels, paints, canvases, & other miscellaneous supplies the buzz was to take a look up at the western sky, which we did, as the landscape was changing fast. There it was nothing quite like a sunset, each one an entirely new experience, a reflection of the colors that serenade the very soul.

Thank you Laureen, it really was oh, so much fun!

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Michelle said...

Hi Cheryl! I saw this website today, and thought of you immediately. Cool jewelry made from war equipment, and if you go to, there are big sales each Tuesday through the holidays. Happy belated Thanksgiving!
~Michelle F.

Michelle said...

wrong link, sorry! Should be

Mother Lightning said...

Thanks Michelle, I checked out the link. Very interesting, & the jewelry is beautiful.

Have a wonderful continued~ Holiday Season, & hope to see u* all again soon!

w/ peace & lol from our neck of the woods to yours!