Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Colors of A Week, & In Celebration of BeadforLife~

We had a wonderful BeadforLife Party, sponsored by the~
Sisterhood of B'nai Shalom
In the photo above, is our Co-President Sue, having just made a shopper's choice or two, with our friend Tina.
So many beautiful items to choose from, be it bracelets, necklaces, earrings,
shea butter lip balm & soaps, all of it a true bazaar for the senses...
The gift bag above was given to our member Marge who introduced Beadforlife to us, & was the co hostesses with me for this recent event. Marge was home that night as she was not feeling well, & we missed her not being with us, so very much.

Hi again, Dear Friends, of the Peace Garden,

Have been on a little bit of an "e- break", if you know what I mean... It really was quite a busy time last week, with trips out of town, several days in a row, & all the aftermath of the recent
snow-tober storm, that & all the previous made commitments, it was really good to slow down, & help out where I was needed. It was all very satisfying indeed, especially being able to take care of our grandchildren, as their school was closed up until this past Wednesday November 9th, so on Monday we spent the day together, having brunch out, doing a few little errands, & then dedicating the remainder of the day working with my grandson on his Social Studies project. Also, once a week, when ever the schedule works well for all of us, our friend Loreen an accomplished artist, gives my friends & I an afternoon of very instructive & relaxing oil painting lessons. On Wednesday our Sisterhood hosted our BeadforLife fundraising party, so with all that, as I was buzzing along with also being able to visit a sick friend on Thursday, & trying to get the dust eliminated & under control here at home, for I was so looking forward to having some friends in on Friday for a light luncheon; because of all that had been going on, it was necessary for me to opt out of the weekly trip into the Boston area for our Writers Group, of which is so challenging, & enjoyable, a true gift of creative joy, to this writing life of mine. I am trying so very hard to become disciplined & productive. Our friend T *, is a most gifted teacher & facilator, & all the women in our group, are very talented & supportive of one another. In my mind's eye it is a "think I can, I know I can..." my very own, Littlest Engine That Could, ~ the life & soul of who I am, which of course takes decipline, pure & simple.

So as we head closer, chugging along on this track, I call my life, & learning, always it seems, the hard & slow way... I embrace it, no matter how hard, & know very deeply & authentically, that I am doing what it is that I need to get done, & along the way, continue to learn to cast off, to shed, all that is negative, & move steadily & constantly towards the light, of my creative, & emotive self, the person I am, of who I am, by purely being & doing what it is I am ment for... this,~ a writer, the life, of an artist.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

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