Saturday, November 5, 2011

Enjoying The BeadforLife Experience

Yesterday I did the unpacking of the two BeadforLife boxes, & I must say it was easier than I had ever expected. Every pack was in an environmentally safe package, & all items were in groups of ten; which made the counting, especially for a number phobic person such as myself who looses it, as the numbers mount of fast, making this kind of person very happy indeed.

No muss, no fuss, all items matched up on the invoice sheet, perfecto!

Thank you so very much women of Uganda, & all the BeadforLife behind the scenes individuals who work so very hard with love & devotion~

Eradicating poverty one bead at a time.


Additional thoughts regarding our BeadforLife Party~

Being I was brought up in the Judaic tradition, from a very early age on, we were all taught through our religious training, that we are all to do something good, in order to help to~

Repair the world.

To do this is a blessing or a mitzvah as it has been known to be called from our long ago, Talmudic days.

Several years ago on the encouragement, & the invitation of a dear friend, I joined for the very first time a religious group of women of my early roots faith Judaism. I did this as a gift to myself, as our family was dealing with immense loss, & a year of ongoing illnesses. Joining a new group, as always can present challenges for anyone who is the lone newcomer to the group, & has a deep side of believe it or not shyness, from a childhood of having had been the new girl in the classroom, more times than is comfortable to recall, but I did it, primarily to share with other gals, in the positive aspects of a heritage that goes very far, & deep, & due to this connects us to one another. It was one of the best things I was able to do for myself, as all the women I have gotten to know, in a sense, we kind of, sort of, all, together know, what it is we are required to do, which is to continue to help to~ heal the world.

Thank you so, fella Sisters, Members of~ Sisterhood B'nai Shalom. It is an ongoing honor, & pleasure to share in such a fine organization of which we have a common mission & bond, to continue to do our very best, to help to heal the world.
True we may have been commanded to do so, & even so, it sure feels so right, & very good indeed.

And thus our latest update, states so plain & simply~

Sisterhood B'nai Shalom
of Putnam, Ct.
will be hosting for our first time ever~
BeadforLife Party
Wednesday November 9th, 2011
7 pm

& of this, I will certainly keep you posted, as it has certainly been shaping up to be a most heartfelt event, for all involved~

~Shalom, Shalom~


Chapter One of our BeadforLife experience can be found at~

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