Saturday, November 26, 2011

Talking The Talk.. & a "Woof"

Dolly my faithful companion, home on the range here, has enjoyed her fair share of Thanksgiving treats, which is really good, as she'll need all the strength she can muster, as she's about to continue with her embarkment in her literary career.
Wrote an essay today, which for some reason won't allow me to cut & paste to transfer it, & now that several hours have gone by, since I've gotten started here, I'll be sure to include it another time.
Two small views of this late November~
Above is a bit of the old with a bit of the new, green from summer, & the brown which is now autumn.
Below is one of the tragedies of the recent 10/30/11, snowtober snow & ice storm. Our magnolia tree took a severe hit, & a main branch running from the central part of the tree, a continuum of the main trunk, the upper spine of this tree has been in recovery since that eventful night. Today with the weather being so very perfect, & my time truly my own, I pushed myself, finally to get out there, & use the black messy tarry substance which is one of the best ways to seal a tree's open wounds, but not without having to further clip back some branches, as winter is coming, & it would really be quite thoughtless, to just patch, & not to prune. So I did it, & got it all done within an hour, but it was sad, & this sweet magnolia will never be the same again. But it would never be so any way, as it, as us, we're all constantly changing, nothing, truly is ever permanent. And no matter how perfect something may seem, it is never, ever totally, what it appears to be.
There is beauty in everything, & we must remain forever open to change,
and I'm only human, & therefore, continuing to work on it.

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