Monday, November 21, 2011

An Artful Day With Pallet, Brush, & Thoughts

We all learned it when we were kids, first Sunday, & then comes Monday, & in all actuality it's almost Tuesday, oh my~

What can I say, some days it seems it takes forever, just to leave the house, thinking of this, & thinking of that, not that it really makes any difference, they're just thoughts, of this & that, & the getting on the phone, making appointments, add that to a Thanksgiving Week's ongoing To Do List, & what we end up with, well I guess there's never quite enough time. Just the true nature of what is.

This morning I was talking to a friend who is with our Conservation Commission, she reminded me of a report I had heard on the news about an hour earlier, of how it's been documented that this year had the highest level of environmentally warming global gasses that have been emitted, & recorded, since the time of the Industrial Revolution.
No, definitely not the best of thoughts, but true, yes true.
We all do what it is we can, it's the land, air & water, of which we need to rescue, & protect, of which I must ask this question, "Are we doing our best?" Probably not. Sad but true.

It is a fine, & delicate balance every human being juggles with, taking in the snippets of happiness & contentment along the way on life's path, knowing that in the background Rome continues to burn, as it creeps closer, & closer, & because of this many an upstanding individual refuses to sleepwalk their way through life. How does one do that, the sleepwalking through life thing?
What continues to baffle me, many of us wonder, is it just plain & simple selfishness,.. perhaps they'll find a selfish gene.

So today I did make it to our Oil Painting Lesson, & all I can say~
It was one of those snippets of fun, fun, fun, with renewed self discovery too I must add, as my thoughts, & contemplations, never go away, they just come out in different, & more colorful form!

Today is Birthday Season in our family for my brother & brother-in-law,
Happy Birthday, Bros
Wishing you both a season of,~
Health, & Happiness, of whom you have our love!


Post Script to this posting~ It's 12:35 AM, & I just read an essay which totally relates to the above Peace Garden entry. The essay is a little long, but in all honesty I just couldn't pull myself away, as it rang so true, & thought you'd enjoy it too~

Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz, what a wonderful essay!

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