Friday, November 18, 2011

A Birdhouse, Some Rag Dolls & The Color of Glass~ Staying on Message

We'll be heading down to Philly tomorrow, as our dear friend, who passed away last year at this time, his family is hosting a memorial concert. As I click away to even mention this, I can't help but to feel the goose bumps that come over me, as this is such a bittersweet time, of having lost a dear friend, ever too soon, but knowing so very well that he was a true good friend, who was admired & loved by everyone who ever had the opportunity to get to know him.

So on this note, I will leave behind, a different message of sorts, though natural, yet contrived of the eclectic photos chosen, in regards to the things we do here on planet earth, to express, & to amuse the mindfulness of the heart. No matter how silly, artfully executed, & no matter the age or stage of life that the individual is or was that created it, it's all worth it, for, for many of us, it gets us through,~ one day at time.

Have a good weekend, one & all, & enjoy this season of Thanksgiving, for no matter how transient our time is here, we are, all humankind, most blessed to be upon this earth.

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