Monday, November 14, 2011

A Stitch In Time of Peaceful Thoughts~

Am so very thankful for the trees that were spared injury, during the recent storm.
The magnolia in the photo below received a devastating amputation of a major limb. We're hopeful that by patching it tomorrow, it will somehow become fortified, & strong, so we can all enjoy it's majestic blossoms once again come springtime.

Just a few simple still life's at the end of a relatively quiet & satisfying day...

& am taking it all in~

The beauty this time of year, before all the leaves come down is an eyeful to behold. This week has begun with a pace more suited to my nature, no rushing off logging on miles, just a jaunt up to our Historical Society's Old Town House to do a few stitches in time with our community's quilters.

An important project this week is to do a bit of first aid to our magnolia tree, which took a pretty heavy hit during the recent snow-tober storm. A main artery of a branch was lopped off due to the heaviness of the snow upon the leaves, & that's all this precious tree needed, but to experience an extreme hit, right at it's aorta. We're hopeful that the repair we'll be doing will help to fortify this beautiful tree. Other than that, am taking it slow & easy,~ our oil painting lesson has been postponed, & am presently on target for the trek into the Boston area on Wednesday to be with our fella writers. This would be a good week to go through our BeadforLife inventory so we can continue to sell some of the various items, by getting the story out, & making these beautiful beads, available as best as we can to who ever would be interested.

So for now I'll say,~ good day, & good evening & hope you enjoyed these few simple views, from the simplicity of a day well spent, with wishes of such, going near & far, as these thoughts remain most honest, peaceful & true.

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