Monday, December 5, 2011

An Artist & His Work, Mission Impossible, "not"~

I must have had a years worth of toilet, & paper towel cardboard cylindars that I had been saving for so long, that my husband was beginning to put them in our recycling, & I would take them out, & find a place that was out of view to stash them.
Yesterday was finally the day, I thought I had enough, & also, I thought I had the where with all to kind of, sort of explain the Mission Impossible theme & message to my grandchildren, how the tape would self destruct into smoke after the instructions were heard, & if my grandchildren were to decide to take on the mission?
Mission being~
to make something really cool with all these cardboard cylinders, if they decided to take on the assignment,
& voila,~
my grandchildren did, & even after it got a bit tricky, but my grandson hung in there, he took a suggestion form his sister on one aspect, & accepted my curly pipe cleaner Dr. Seuss flourish on the top, & there it was compete, & what wasn't to love,
especially his dedication & devotion to taking on this project most seriously & creatively, but he of course couldn't do any less, as he's that kind of a kid, & growing up to be a truly wonderful person. Yes this Nana is one of his biggest, best & most loyal fans!


My husband & I began our artsy weekend early, & saw a play titled, The Mother F@^*#er With The Hat, at Theatre Works in Hartford. A very tough sounding title, for a one act play, in the episode of four individuals lives, which was portrayed in a very "real" & most compelling, as the titled hinted, of a holding nothing back, sort of way. It didn't do well on Broadway, but perhaps it was cast wrong back then. Theatre Works cast it just right, & when we saw it on Thursday December 1st, it was superb. Perhaps they'll bring it back to Broadway, this time with the present cast, as it certainly deservies a second run, for as a theatre goer all I can say is they certainly got it, just right!

On Saturday we finally got to see the Documentary, Being Elmo, which was superb, & of which I strongly recommend it to be shown in every Junior High & High School in the U.S., for it's compelling story of possibality & hope, for every child.

Later that evening we saw another good movie, this one rather artsy, & much better than I expected it to be, My Week With Marilyn, based on the diary of the young man who plays opposite Marilyn Monroe. This movie too, another interesting story of a snippet in the lives of a few individuals.

Viva la Arts!

That's what I say, for with the arts, we are able to bridge the gaps, & create better understanding, & isn't that what it's all about~

Peace, Love & Understanding,~

such very hard work, but oh, so very much worth the price, as we really have no other choice.

Am about to get ready for our weekly oil painting class, it really takes a bit of discipline & organization to get out of the house & on the road, but am focused & dedicated, so with that being said, I'm soon to be off~

Enjoy the included Mission Impossible theme if you get a chance, it's of a somewhat different arrangement, but colorful, passionate, & peaceful, as to what is fitting here at the Peace Garden.

{ 1:15pm~ Have just gotten off the phone with our art teacher Laureen, we will be rescheduling our oil painting class for this Thursday 12/8. We're a flexable group, & this will work out just fine. I have a Conservation Commission meeting that evening, but it will all still be doable. So for now, it's time I guess to not only take advantage of the sunshine, but to edit the short story that I wrote the other day, & is due for our writing class on Wednesday. Displine, with flexability, & am making it work, slow & steady,~ am doing it, one step at a time. Turtle power!}

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,
I'm leaving my comments from Sunny Florida...We're finally feeling relaxed from the Drive and Enjoying the Beautiful weather.
Another Enjoyable read, so Entertaining, as well as Fun. You wear so many "Hats" oh so well. You are truly a "treasure" to all. LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Hi Barb,

What a sweet note, & thank u*.
We are certainly enjoying the world of grandparenting, it's an awesome journey!

Enjoy your sunbelt experience, & keep us posted on your adventures.

Love to u*, & all your fam*, this holiday season!