Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Discovered on Memorial Day Weekend

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

This past Sunday during the Memorial Day Weekend, my husband, & I met our son in Boston, for a mini fam* visit, as I hadn't been able to get into the city since before my bike mishap, & the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams was playing at the Coolidge Theatre. It was my birthday, & there would be no better time then then to test out the status of the healing mode of my hip, which proved wonderful. Most definitely it is the simple things, that bring forth some of life's finest pleasures; to walk, once again in the city, though still not necessarily up to speed, but nonetheless out there mulling about with everyone on a perfect day in May. A quick jaunt into the Booksmith one of the finest independent books stores in the east, lunch at Michael's Deli, & then of course off to the theatre to see a movie, that can only be described as a must see, for any one who loves the lure & mystery of prehistoric art, of which is 24,000-40,000 years old, hidden in a cave in France, & only just discovered in 1994.

What a wonderful way to celebrate any individual's time here on earth, viewing & giving honor to the ancient talents of those who lived here, when we can only image what this planet must have been like, & also remembering & honoring our veterans from the past, & to the present. Yes time marches on, but let us take heed from the marvelous past histories we are still unearthing, & learn from it all, in a meaningful, kind & useful way.

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