Thursday, May 19, 2011

Acceptance & Forgiveness A True Afirming Grace

Finally a pause from all the rain & with it a little light, at the end of the day.

These wind chimes, ring out through all four season, the peace sign on the lower disc may be a bit worn, but we'll persevere nonetheless, as we enjoy the soft beauty & grace of a woodland garden...

Dollly, Dolly, Dolly, always so loyal & true to the doggie kingdom of what it means to be a friend, & a budding author too I must add.

It is so much easier, to hold a grudge, to hold on to hate, yet as much as it may seem easier on the surface it takes a lot of energy to maintain ones self this way. When one chooses to forgive, they will of course remember, but then again gently remind themselves, that to continue on a path of not forgiving, to teach it by passing it along from generation to generation is only a formula for more of the same. As families stop the cycle of violence & abuse, Nations too can stop this mode of behaving. Individuals, even leaders on the very high, are only individuals, & mere mortals, with flaws of their own.

How a society treats their most vulnerable is a true indication of where they are at. True kindness, comes from the heart, it can not be legislated. I wish these were topics that were taught to us in our school's curriculum, perhaps then not as many would have gone off to war, perhaps more would have questioned authority. We human beings, can be rather rigid in our thinking, pollution is not only an environmental issue, but a body, mind & spirit one, that human beings need to have integrated into their thinking & upbringing from day one, just as it is in any newborn nursery, before the contaminants seep in.
I've chosen to not post for a few days, as I've been adjusting to the status of the healing process of my right hip, & in wanting to stay hip in my thinking of making a true effort not to focus on it too too much, being it's a contussion to the bone, making my progress a slow & steady journey of which I need to be patient, but deligent too. Today I saw an orthepedic professional, & since that visit several hours ago I've been taken off the crutches. Let me tell you I now walk like a wabbly mother goose, not a real happy one, but truly happiness is of the mind, & therefore, I am happy!

The rain has let up for some time today, & that was a real plus, as we've been socked into truly living in a gray cloud, weather-wise here in the northeast.

As per my usual wishes- wishing everyone near & far, good days & peace. We are all interconnected. We have dear friends of whom our friend's brother is battling a serious illness, as was a friend who's husband recently passed due to the same illness, just the other day. To all the individuals who read this blog, no matter where you are in this world, enjoy the good days & moments, & as you weather these life crisis storms, know that the human family of loving & kind hearted people, just as you, feel what you feel, & offer our prayers of strength, hope & peace.

The link below is to a favorite timeless song, & next, a posting from the Dali Lama's recent message. No human is above any other, & any of the links, or postings I add from time to time, are not definate words of any ultimate thought, just a mix of the positive that is out there, that I choose to add to our ongoing discussion, of "what the world needs now...."

To Dalai Lama, forgiveness is key to world peace:
NEWARK — The Dalai Lama says peace in the world begins with peace in oneself. Some of his fellow Nobel laureates, however, aren't convinced.

You yourself, need to discover what it is you need to know, so please feel free to click on, or type in the lettering if a link does not work.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are so right about "Acceptance & Forgiveness" . I am having a hard time with the "Forgiveness" part with a family member. I know in the end, we will come together once again, but now is not the time...But thanks for your wonderful words.

I'm so glad you are on the mend and will be doing Physical Therapy...Pain is not easy to deal with.

Loved the pictures, especially Dolly...she's come along way. Peace and Love, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank u* for the kind comments Barb. The forgiveness thing, is so challenging, I find even to this day, I do work on it very often, as it is not an easy exercise, & some hurts are sooo very deep. It's so good that we are able to think these things through, & not repeat old generational patterns.

I was in touch w/ 4 physical therapy offices, & finally I was able to get an appointment for next wk. The sooner the better, as I really am at snail speed, but have been doing a lot of reading lately, which is good!

Dolly is a real gem, & she really has come a very long way, I love to watch her move her head when she's sniffing out the wild critters in the woods, she is a true "Hound Dog"!

lol always*

Anonymous said...