Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Haircare Chronicles Part II

That classic play Hair which we saw some years ago in Torrington, Ct., but is presently on Broadway I do believe in a revival.
Also, am including an update from a 6/28/11 link my son just sent me yesterday to another blog, of which aspects of the curly hair topic is discussed which includes an additional link to a pixar movie too-

My husband had me pose this way, but as you can see my hair was determined to go in it's own direction...
The rock & roll shades for this evening's pose of a day well spent...
With always so much to think about, I was just about to take this evenings dose of the anti-inflammatory ibuprofen that is there on the center island of our kitchen, for my hip hip of course. The last photo is pretty much like the photo I took yesterday, but now the color is of a richer tone, & my hair of course has been well conditioned. My hair doesn't really vary that much in look or style, but I will say this; that I'm very thankful to have what I have, which I ought to be, for from time to time, individuals do loose their hair when receiving certain chemo treatments, for the chemo is very heavy duty on the body. We're fortunate to be living in a day & age, when there are far more effective treatments for the serious diseases that individuals can acquire, hopefully someday there will be a cure for the afflictions of what ales humankind, but in the long run we need to remember to treat one another in the manner in which we ourselves would like to be treated, that is our essential need. One human being to another, no matter our hair style or color, no matter our physical makeup, the color of our eyes, our skin, no matter, no matter, no matter...

Having one's hair done does wash away some of life's traumas. My right hip is improving each & every day, "day by day.. ", & on Friday I start physical therapy, which should prove to be helpful. Tomorrow there's some about town errands to get done, as we've begun to put together some of the details for this years UN Peace Day which for our neck of the woods will be on September 18th. Am hopeful that this year we can pull together a Community Art Show for the Peace Day event, but due to my hip incident I've lost a little steam, but nonetheless there's still a good amount of time to pull it together.

The gal who has been doing my hair for the past year or so, works at Hair World in Vernon, Ct. She's very well versed in her profession of hairdressing, & is also a very caring & devoted mom of two young children. When we were talking this morning & I mentioned this blog, & aspects of what the content is from time to time, & the fact that I've posted some of my poetry, she shared with me information about an artistic wine tasting & Shakespearean event to benefit the Children's Advancement Fund on June 2nd, in Glastonbury, Ct.
Thank goodness I now know how to cut & paste & will include their mission statement, & information on how to get in touch with this very dedicated organization who are on the cutting edge with their insite & talent in regards to providing services for our special needs children here in Connecticut.

"Children's Advancement Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization, supports children with special needs and their families in Connecticut by facilitating services such as Occupational, Physical and Speech/Language Therapy as well as assisting the integration of children and families into the community through various programs."

*Please mail a tax deductible donation to: Children's Advancement Fund, Inc. 76 Eastern Blvd. Glastonbury, CT 06033

On this June 2nd enjoy the humor and personality of the WFSB's Better Connecticut host,

Scot Haney.

Wine tasting from Blue Heron Fine Wines

Hors d'Ĺ“uvre
s from Dinner's by Design

Shakespearian Players Capital Classics Theatre performing short skits

Tour the Welles Shipman Ward house

Silent Auction

Click here
to read more about the Spring Fund Raiser - June 2, 2011

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