Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Art of Gemini

The Gemini Twins above remind me of the Russian nesting dolls, & what about the next two characters..
These next two bring to mind an act from the circus, & isn't that life at times, it can feel like a high wire, yet ultimately all heart!
Of a childhood's imagination perhaps, Tinkerbells or are they
Thumbalina Twins in the family of Gemini...
Stardust guys of course, with a photo below of the Constellation Gemini of which has inspired this season, of many of our lives...

We are full into Gemini now, & being that's my sign, have been thinking about my Gemini friends. Every May I wonder, if only I could find just the right Gemini card, but I have yet to find one with just the right image. Well being I've been side lined & laying low a bit, as it's now three weeks since my ordeal on the bike, & I haven't built up strong enough tolerance yet for bopping around, but I have been able to be out & about; do errands, connect with friends, & am even catching up with my commitment of doing outreach in the community for our area's interfaith organization known as, the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council of which we are involved in & sponsoring our fourth annual United Nations International Day of Peace 2011 event, which will be held on Sunday September 18th in Putnam, Ct.

Yesterday, I connected with three school systems, & one library, & today one more library, in regards to this year's first ever Community Art Show, in conjunction with our UN Peace Day event. When I'm out & about meeting new & interesting people discussing the possibility of art work to be done by children & all the various ages of people of our community, it really does em passion me with a true sense of excitement & purpose. It's what I love to do, to talk about & to live, truly viva la art, of which I never ever tire, no matter what...

And speaking of what & what I'm up to, my never tiring passion for my love; of the art I love, & the art I do, viola I solved my Gemini card delima, & have decided to make my own. I have a few designs & styles in mind, & once I get started, I will substitute Yogi Beria's saying instead of "It ain't over till it's over." With my art projects mantra, "It ain't done till it's done!"

A Healthy & Happy Gemini One & All, & enjoy this ever so fleeting spring!

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Anonymous said...

A bad "Hip" isn't going to get our Lady Cheryl down...especially not a GEMINI. As usual my friend, a good and interesting Blog of all your activities...You are truly go Girl! Thanks for sharing. Continue to Mend. LOL. b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Barb. Well here it is Memorial Day Weekend, & so far the weather here is beautiful! Tonight Steve & I are off to Captain Jacks's on the RI shore for a fresh seafood dinner. It's always beautiful & fun there, & one of our favorite spots; the wonderful sea breezes, smells, & fresh caught fish, can't be beat! Sometime if your out this way visiting & the season is right we'll take U* & Stephan there. Thank U* so very much for all of your Peace Garden support!