Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Every year on May 30th here in the United States we honor & remember all our Veterans, of all wars, & God knows we have had more than many of us have counted. As a person who was born on Memorial Day Weekend, way back when, please know, that for always, we as individuals, & as citizens of this dynamic country, support our military veterans always, with prayers in our hearts, & our votes in the ballot box, that there may some day, be no more wars that ever a person may need to fight in, or to speak out against, but until that day comes we will continue to put forth our voices to our politically elected, to please always remember to continue to fund properly all the necessary supportive services our veterans, & the families of our veterans need presently, & will continue to need, for our military veterans have all gone, & continue to go beyond the call, of who are & have been our own family members, friends & members of the communities of which we live.

Please help us God.



The above photo was taken at the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, where our flag has always been know to fly at half mast.


"On Memorial Day, America Should Honor Her Troops by Bringing Them Home..."

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