Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mountain's View For Mother's Day 2011

A Mountain's View For Mother's Day 2011

From a mother of "sons/suns"--

I never know when I'm in sic
My blog that is, computer sleeps
Remembering when sleep was rest
The rest of yaz have left this nest--

As should you do, my job doth done
We did of course, have much in fun
And as you've grown, so too have I
Still deeply felt, not scratched the sky

Yet as we've grown, for so have you
No matter how, there's much to do
Will sit and talk, will walk, will rake
Will take good care, there's much at stake--

For I do love you all, so much
You've always touched my heart, no fuss,
My message here, is live your lives
I know you'll deal well, weather strife's

For we all have our journey's paths
And intertwine, as we do laugh
This mother's prayer, & hopes for you
To do, to live, a life that's true

For when we're older, and I'm old,
My story is, as stories told
I'd never trade, his kind of love
It is a blessing from above.


A Healthy & Happy Mother's Day to All the Mothers of the world, & to All our beloved children & grandchildren, of all the generations...


This completes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project, with the continued good wishes for Mothers Day 2011 !

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Mike Champ said...


Mother Lightning said...

Thank u* Mike, you've All* inspired me, in so many different ways!!!!

Much lol always w/ shalom/salam,
our prayers for peace,

Anonymous said...

How lovely Cheryl, and may we all climb many more heights as we travel down the road of Motherhood as we spread the words of Love. LOL. b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank u* Barb, I do agree!!! lol to u* & all your fam*, across the miles. So glad you're feeling better, & we hope to visit in your neck of the woods. When we do, we can write a collaborative poem when we get together, & call it- "Across The Miles of Years"!

lol , w/ shalom/salam/peace * always