Monday, May 23, 2011

It's All Greek To Me, or The Haircare Chronicles

The haircare industry is definitely a multi billion dollar$ one. I've spent hundreds, perhaps thousands over the years on my hair, & in all honesty, maybe 5-10% of the products I have used could really be considered top notch & true to what their claims are.
Yes, indeed, it has been a lifelong challenge, of frizz controll, truly at times, all Greek to me...

It's just that time again, tangled up with the care of one's hair. My hair definitely comes with a whole cycle of stages. After washing it with just the right shampoo, then detangler, a conditioner, & gel, I'm good for the week. My mop is the curliest of the curly category, & believe me when I say I've weathered my barrage of remarks of all sorts, since sixth grade actually, I can still see a certain girl in my mind. Strange how the events on a playground can go, & just about a decade later I remember this same girl's father as a patient at the hospital on the floor I was training at, during my time at nursing school. He was a pleasant & nice enough man suffering from one of those cancers that since then medically we have made better progress with. I was nineteen at the time that I met him, & all I could think of when ever I saw him was how in the world did he raise such a nasty person, what had occurred, what was his impact to have raised the kind of person his daughter had been, during those school yard days.

Anyway since that time, I've learned to respect the genealogy of my deeply rooted hair. And though it has it's phases of nicely curly, wildly curly to afro frizzy curly, all of it, it is my norm. Some days I'm able to manage it with a bit more stride than others. Ye ole hair days, the good, the bad & the really out there ones, they're all an integral part of the puzzle of who I am & how I cope. I look at it this way, it's what was given to me, what I was born with, where I've come from, from all those yesterdays to my days today, yes truly the hair care chronicles, most definitely an ongoing saga...

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