Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trees Leaf Out With Renewed Breath Sustaining Us In Life

Quite the sculpture at the Science Center in Hartford, Ct.
A favorite quote shared with me, many years ago by my friend Sheila who has lived in Israel for over a decade with her beautiful family. I do take the above words truly to heart, as always, thank you dear friend.
These seemingly ordinary blooms of a white blossomed rhododendron, is finally in flower for the first time in about four years, thanks to Dolly. Yes, Dolly my rescue pooch, has accomplished our goal, of keeping the deer away from my flowers. Yeah, rah rah Dolly!
We have a Sisterhood meeting tomorrow evening, & this is our book for discussion, so far I'm really into it, & just hope I'm done reading in time...
The last photo is of course this morning's portrait of Dolly who sits & waits patiently for what is next, & new on the agenda. Did I tell you that Dolly has agreed to be the narrator of my work in progress, yes she & I have come to a most amiable agreement. Good dog Dolly, I always knew you could do it!

Deepak Chopra Md, has always been a favorite of mine. He's a wonderful teacher & healer, having written so many books, he has an incredible foundation, & is also a very poignant
speaker, of whom my husband & I, here at the Peace Garden, immensely enjoyed one of his presentations as part of a PBS fundraiser, many years ago. It's here on the Peace Garden site as part of our ongoing adventures, & here's the link below-

It certainly was an experience that my husband & I still refer to, as Deepak did an amazingly awesome job in his ability to connect with his audience of over 300 people, yet you still felt it most personally, honest & true.

As our family & friends know, my husband & I have been environmental/conservation & peace activists since the early '70's. Deepak has always known the pulse of his patients, & the pulse of our planet. Sure he's a bit ahead of his time on many a topic, but that's just how it is with great thinkers, for what they intuitively know is that true lasting change comes from within.

Being part of this great communication age, has certainly been very exciting for a gal who started out just tossing notes across her study hall room. This method is far more meaningful & effective, yet still a lot of fun & most rewarding. If the following link does not work for you, please just try typing the lettering in your computer's search mode area, as that might do it. Some of the information that is shared, with so many of us comes through Facebook, which seemingly has billions of galaxies of possibilities for the oh, so curious minds.

So hopefully the link will work, in the meantime, I'll eventually be off to see our local MD, just to rule out the possibility of an occult fracture of my right hip, of which I have been instructed is an important thing to do, as an xray will not show one, therefore it's off to the world of modern science & medicine for an MRI. It's been an interesting journey, nonetheless, & in the meantime I'll continue with the chosen book of our Sisterhood titled-
People of the Book
By, Geraldine Brooks

So far it's been a real page turner, as it's always good to have something to read, to discus with friends to look forward to, & also Deepak, as he's a good one for any age or stage of life.

Enjoy your day, & if able, try if you can, to check out Deepak's interesting, & important link, which much to my surprise had a really cool UTube video included, *enjoy-

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