Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poetry Is Truth, & Truth Is Nonviolence At Cafe'mantic

John L. Stanizzi entrancing us with his spoken word...
Gracious & beautiful Andrea Barton, mom, poet, English teacher & Host of the Cafe'mantic, First Monday of the Month, Poetry events...
A small sampling of the energetic art that embellishes the walls here at Cafe'mantic...
The next photos, are of just a few of the poets who read last night...

Including the gentleman, who is in the photo below, who's poem really spoke to my husband, as he read a poem about one of his student's, who seemingly had some major anger issues, but this in tuned teacher, really did know where this student was coming from. For that's the gift of poetry, it's truthfulness, & we do respond.

In 1977, I was still a new mom, as our now eldest was only three back when my husband & I finally had the chance to move away from the urban sprawl, out to Willington, Ct. It was a beautiful rural scene, & had the best of both worlds, as we were a jaunt right outside the ring of the University of Connecticut. It was during that short time that I became educated in nonviolent resistance, had just read a book about Gandhi, & was all set to do my part, as by then I had evolved to Mother Lightning, as how could I not, I was after all a new mother, & the well being of our son & the world he was to grow up in was from that time on, at the forefront of how my husband & I would choose to go on, in this seemingly crazy world.

I met this wonderful gal by the name of Sandee, we were introduced through a mutual friend. It was Sandee who said to me "poetry is truth", back then, when we were working on a special Women In Poetry, radio program for UCONN's radio station WHUS 91.7 FM, for the Woman's Radio Collective. Sandee at the time was an English Major [I think], but since then she went on to get her Masters in Social Work, of which I am sure she is very compassionate & effective.

I tell you this story now, as it is Sandee's quote for today's Peace Garden title, along with the words of M. Gandhi, of whom I had read his quote, "truth is nonviolence". These two quotes, have proven to me to be a major main stay, of my beliefs & determination going forward all these decades...

Last night my husband & I attended a community poetry reading, the event was held at a sweet little cafe' on Main Street, in Willimantic, Ct. , named so suitably Cafe'mantic, by it's Proprietor- Andy Gutt, who has worked very hard to make it a really happening place to go, as the coffees, teas & other refreshments, hits high grades, along with the bagels, sandwiches & desserts. There is an area set aside at the front of the cafe' with a mini stage area, gently lit, & well miked, which appeared to make any poet feel at home, being "signed-in-walk-in" contributor, or the special guest poet of the evening. Last night's special guest poet was John L. Stanizzi, a friend of decades, upon decades ago, from our early teen years back in E. Htfd., Ct. What a wonderful event to behold, as the people who generously got up to share in their poetry out loud, of which so many were truly gifted, really did make it a special evening for those of us in support of this very early on method of human expression. It was a really interesting experience to take in, especially when some of the young poets, incorporated the use of their Blackberries, & such, which for my husband & I, it really tweaked us into the 21st century! When someone read with strong feeling from the heart, it could not be missed. Poetry is meant to be read aloud, & if one is fortunate to be in the audience when our friend John L. Stanizzi reads from his collection of published poems, or his work in progress, it really is an especially vivid trip in time, into the thinking mind, of a true modern day, poetry man. "Poetry is truth."


Thank you Sandee, for your insightful words from way back in 1977, of today's title. Thank you Andy Gutt, for providing the community with such a really cool place to go & to Andrea Barton, for your warm & welcoming Hosting with the Most. We so loved our experience at Cafe'mantic & will be back, & thank you of course to my dear friend of childhood, John L. Stanizzi, who is right there on "the ground level", thinking, feeling & breathing life into his "life work", you truly do make our generation proud!

It is important that I add John L. Stanizzi's link here, I had added it, in another posting some time ago, but in order to stay current, & make it so that lovers of Johnnie's wonderful poetry can find it more easily, I thought it best to put it out there, once again, in his own words, so here it is-

"I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit my publisher atwww.antrimhousebooks.com There are beautiful books of poetry to look at and purchase. I'd also ask you to take a look at my two books -- Ecstasy Among Ghosts and Sleepwalking, which you can purchase on the site. If you're inclined, pass this along to your friends. Thanks." JLS

And be sure to check out Cafe'mantic with the link below-

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Anonymous said...

As usual a well written Blog Cheryl. I felt like I had a ring side seat there with you and Steve at Cafe'mantic. Thinking back, we were just starting to form our friendships as well Cheryl. Look at the many paths in life that we have walked together and apart in raising our "off Springs". Once again, thanks for sharing. Your friend, and fellow poet, b. Malin

John L. Stanizzi said...

Cheryl!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As I've already told you, it was especially piognant for me to have you and you and your husband in attendance; never, ever in a billion years could we have predicted ANYTHING like last night's event back when we were kids. Having you close by now is such a blessing and I look forward to sitting and chatting, reminescing, laughing, and being amazed that, 1. we're STILL HERE, and 2. we're reacquainted. I'm just dumbfoundedly giddy!! Much love, my friend. The blog entry is just perfect!!

Mother Lightning said...

Thank u* both dear friends-
Barb, poet & friend of decades, & decades ago. My, my have we walked the walk, as women growing forth!!!! What a journey! & To think we met at a Writers Group at the UCONN Woman's Center in the 70's !!!!

Johnnie, well all I can say, is that life never ceases to amaze! To think we were once sooo very young, & the generations that we have brought forth in living our lives!!! We have certainly been truly tested by the winds of time.

Love, Peace & Friendship to "yaz", Always! [as my father would say] & your "Fam*'s" [Fam* in what Bob, in "What About Bob"/Bill Murray, would say.]