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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Receives the Courage of Conscience Award, From The Peace Abbey

From time to time, when it is possible I will share with you news from the Peace Abbey, I've enclosed the June 2011 Newsletter. For now I will share my edition, but to receive your very own Peace Abbey Newsletter in your inbox, of which I encourage you to do, as The Peace Abbey is a pure jewel in the crown, of peace loving tolerance, understanding & loving human kindness. *Please contact them at

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Receives the Courage of Conscience Award
The Peace Abbey NewsletterJune 2011


Boston Vegetarian Annual Event- June 12th 1-5:30PM

Council on Aging Picnic at The Peace Abbey

National Registry at DePaul University

The Peace Abbey Serves the Community

The Life Experience School

Jimmy Tingle performs in a Benefit for the Peace Abbey

Sunday, June 26th, 2011


Our good friend, satirist and comedian Jimmy Tingle, is donating his much-acclaimed comedic talents in a benefit concert at the Peace Abbey Coffeehouse.

"There isn't a lot of sense out there these days. Jimmy Tingle's sense, and sense of humor, is indeed uncommon" New York Times

Opening will be The T & A Jazz Band featuring Ted Powers, Andy Celley, Dan Dick, and surprise guests.

Tickets are limited:

$75 donation

4-5PM Drinks and hors d'oeuvres

Cost of War to the United States

While Congress continues to plan for hundreds of billions in cuts and states are closing parks and educational programs, we continue to gush billions on three wars. This fiscal year alone the cost of just Afghanistan will be $113 billion. Just this year. Just for Afghanistan.

We continue expend lives and billions in a country where polls show the majority of citizens want the United States out and are hostile to our presence. Afghan leaders repeatedly have called for us to leave the country. The corrupt president of the country has repeatedly called the West an enemy, stripped women of protections, expressed a desire to be with the Taliban, and sought to tax even the aid to his country and charge for war damage.

Jonathan Turley

Cost of War in Iraq $787,725,647,368

Cost of War in Afghanistan $400,894,124,478

May 31, 2011

American soldiers killed in Iraq 4454

American soldiers killed in Afghanistan 1566

Grandmother Love

STONEWALK 1999-2007

On the evening of May 23, 2011, at St. John's High School in Shrewsbury, MA, Peace Abbey Chaplain Dot Walsh and St. John's alumnus Bill Heuer made the presentation after the Archbishop spoke to Saint John's faculty, students, alumni and guests.

Archbishop Tutu was moved with the Courage of Conscience Award statue, exclaiming, "Oh this is so beautiful!" Dot Walsh explained that the hands represented his hands that prayed for the suffering in the world due to oppression, poverty and war and the dove arising from the hands was the healing and reconciliation he brought to South Africa and to the world.

In his talk, Archbishop Tutu spoke about the connections of all people. He explained the African concept of ubuntu, that we can only achieve our full humanity through recognition of the humanity in all people, remarking to the audience, "You are all Africans." As he was leaving many people exclaimed, "Ubuntu!"

**************************************** We are still looking to either attract a potential investor or sell one of the buildings to an organization with similar values and goals. Please keep us in your prayers and together we will maintain our peace and serenity and belief in the goodness of all humankind. Thank you for the donations received and the kindness so many have expressed in notes and cards.

Dot Walsh

  • Boston Vegetarian Annual Event- June 12th 1-5:30PM
  • The following was written in the BVS newsletter by Evelyn Kimber

    BVS' annual event at the PEACE ABBEY in Sherborn (next to Natick) is a highlight event of our year. Soak in the beauty and "good vibes" of this unique place, meet the animals in the small sanctuary for rescued farm animals, stroll the grounds and view the Pacifist Memorial and Gandhi statue, the magnificent Emily the Sacred Cow Animal Rights Memorial, and explore the Abbey and its artifacts from around the world.

    ALL WELCOME! We encourage you to bring your friends and family, *especially non-vegetarians*. We would love them to experience the inspiration of this gathering and our speaker.


    Share delicious vegan cuisine. Bring a favorite dish to share that is free of meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey. Dishes should be ready to serve, and please include serving implements (labeled with your name). A card with ingredients/recipe is appreciated. A dish serving 8-10 per person attending is suggested.
    Need recipe ideas? See our page:

    Special treat: The Like No Udder vegan soft serve ice cream truck will be with us, serving up softies, milkshakes, and more!


    We'll use the church next to the Peace Abbey for the speaker program. It seats 350, so we'll have plenty of seats!

    This year we are honored to have scholar, professor, author, and vegan Paul Waldau. Paul has a masters from Stanford, a doctorate from Oxford, and a Juris Doctor degree from UCLA Law.

    He has taught ethics at Tufts Univ. Veterinary School, where he was also Director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy. He teaches Animal Law at Harvard Law School, Boston College and Suffolk Univ. Law Schools, and has directed the Yale Law School "Animal Law Reading Group" as well as lectured at Yale's Center for Bioethics.

    Paul's writings have been published widely. His latest book, "Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know" (Oxford University Press, 2011) will be available for sale and signing. His next book to be published in the coming year is "The Animal Invitation: Religion, Law, Science and Ethics in a More-Than-Human World." ABOUT THE PEACE ABBEY:

    The Peace Abbey is a center which encourages non-violence, peacemaking, social justice, and compassionate living. Beyond that, it is safe to say there is no place like it in the world. Peace and justice advocates from around the globe have come here, including Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. It was home, until her death in 2003, to Emily the Cow, who gained worldwide celebrity with her dramatic slaughterhouse escape, and became spokescow for veg living. The Peace Abbey Two North Main Street Sherborn, MA (next to Natick) Where Route 27 and Route 16 overlap The Peace Abbey NOTE:

    Event is free with your potluck offering; *donation requested for the Peace Abbey.*

    Rain or shine. The event is wheelchair accessible; *please contact BVS in advance for details on wheelchair access.*

  • Council on Aging Picnic at The Peace Abbey
  • June 23rd, 2011
    12 Noon
    This is our opportunity to invite all our neighbors and friends from the community for a medley of veggie food and lots of good conversation.

  • National Registry at DePaul University
  • Several years back we offered a week of immersion in the study of peace and social justice for a group of students from DePaul University in Chicago.

    One of the students, Katie DeSalvo stayed in contact with us and this year made arrangments for The National Registry to be created for the University at a special peace event held in May.
    Sometimes we plant the seeds and don't see the fruit and other times we get all the blessings!

  • The Peace Abbey Serves the Community
  • We offer a sacred space for weddings, baby blessings, memorial services and spiritual guidance.

    Peace Chaplains facilitate retreats and make home visits. Please call the office for more information.

  • The Life Experience School
  • Cal and Lizzie with Awards

    The Life Experience Program is wrapping up its 39th year with the following special events!*

    6/2: Lizzy's R.E.M. Cabaret at Emily's Roadhouse featuring special guests.

    6/3: Annual Yoga Garden Workshop and Luncheon courtesy of Nancy Gialardi

    6/10: Field Day hosted by Amy Lussier of Deloitte, Boston

    * 6/14: 3rd Annual John H. McGuire Memorial Mini Golf Tournament

    * 6/17: Family and Friends End-Of-Year cookout at The Peace Abbey featuring "open mic" entertainment

    * please join us for these events!

    1. The Peace Abbey Gift Shop
    2. Peace Abbey Mugs at Gift Shop
      Palestinian Olive Oil, peace calendars and calendars with the Prayers for Peace. We have books with copies of the long version of The Prayers for Peace, dvd's with the prayers in English and Spanish and copies of the quotes from the Pacifist Memorial along with jewelry items.

      Please come and visit!

      The Peace Abbey Gift Shop
    3. Tours, Weddings, Conferences
    4. A wonderful way to be introduced to the memorials on the grounds and the buildings at The Peace Abbey is to schedule a group tour. We have retreats for individuals and groups. Schools and colleges, church groups, community organizations and other groups are welcomed. For wedding and conference information, please call the office: (508) 655- 2143
      $100 Donation for Tours

    5. Opportunities Exist to Underwrite the Courage of Conscience Award and the Gandhi Exhibit
    6. We are interested in having a family foundation, a business organization or individuals underwrite the Courage of Conscience Awards. Please call the office if you have suggestions. Thank You!

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