Monday, May 9, 2011

On This Monday The Violets Remain True

Here it is Monday, & I'm off to get myself ready to go out a bit, to visit with my friends. It will take a little more time than usual, as I am still on crutches from Friday's bike accident, which does slow me down. Rather than dwell on what had happened I will do my very best to put my mind in a more positive place, spending time with friends is number one, & reading good articles, & keeping my mind in a postive frame is also the goal.

I just read this most wonderful article, that was shared by- Frank Lipman MD, of who's site you too will probably find interesting. The first link is to his Facebook page, & the second link is to the *excellent magazine article that he shared just this morning, & of which I must say definitely deserves a second read through by yours truly-

If you have a chance to read the enclosed shared article, I think you will find it invaluable. None of us are perfect, & we can all use a bit of help on our interesting, & varried life paths.

Here's wishing everyone a really good week, & enjoy the blooms & possibalities, that springtime brings.

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