Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peace Potato Peeps, "spuds that speak..", Coming to A Farmers Market Near You

Above are just a few new characters in the Peace Potato family,
& the hand position shown, is for the start of this old traditional potato game...

Peace Potato Peeps

"spuds that speak..."

Of which my husband said,

"That's unique"-

*originally played on a Bronx stoop, & sung to the traditional tune of
"Hot Potato"-


one potato
two potato
three potato
five potato
peace potato
cease to be for war

six potato
seven potato
eight potato
boil potatoes
mash potatoes
spuds are here for you!

nine potatoes
ten potatoes
eleven potatoes, more
my potatoes, your potatoes
peace is for us all...

"My oh my, cool potatoes"!


Yes, "it's hokey", but there's a sweet potato in there for you too!

If you'd like to find out more, as to how this whole project began just click onto the episode below which will more fully explain the story-

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