Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Body Mind & Spirit, A Delicate Balance

Just came out of a wonderful long holiday weekend for July 4th, many thoughts, ideas, & challenges, as with us all-

This Is Me
& This Is You

am an ordinary
















The above came to me last night at about 11:30, of which I jotted it down quickly on three yellow posits, being sure to date it 7/4/11 . This morning I reassembled my scrawl, glue sticked it in order, these sparse twenty-four common words, of which was to be placed in my manila folder up in the spare bedroom which is now my office, sometimes studio workroom. This is by no means one of those poems that was proceeded with anything more than a blink of an eye, just a pause, yet when my muse speaks, I so listen, for better, or for worse, as I do beleive that is what aids me in navagating the inner, & the outer world. It is all one, body, mind & spirit, come together.

What brought forth the idea of posting it today, is a response to the article in the current New Yorker magazine's 7/4/11 issue by, Rebecca Mead, which I only just read several hours ago. The essay begins on page 19,
& is entitled- "One a Day, Earnest", a most interesting article about Jeff Nunokawa. Jeff's take on literature, & with that in mind the topic of his facebook postings. Very interesting, carry on-
Jeff Nunokawa, our society needs all the culture, & kindness that is offered. We thank you for the sharing of fine literary thought in this very, in a rush, speedy world of which we now live.


To find the New Yorker Magazine's article about Jeff Nunokawa go to-

And so concludes today's addition of Poetry A Muse In Motion, leaving you with these very humble words, & our sincere prayers of peace going out to all corners of our world.

{The photo featured today was taken 12/10 at the Willimantic Co*op , Willimantic, Ct.,
of which I too am a member. How's that for a beautiful mobile, it truly was a sight to behold!}

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I Loved your New Poem. And always your uplifting Blog. LOL. b. Malin

Mike Champ said...

Sounds like an interesting article. Nice post!

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Mike, am so glad U* liked this post. And "yes" the article & the link from the New Yorker Magazine about Jeff Nunokawa is very interesting. I clicked onto his link, & he "friended" me. His postings are very cool, & he even quotes his mother at times. He's a Yale graduate, & teaches at Princeton, his specality is literature. He must have been an English Major. Yes, do love English Lit.!

lol , m