Monday, July 18, 2011

Peace Potato Peeps Part II

Our very first Peace Potato Peep standing with pride & joy next to the carved mini Redwood Tree, brought home last summer & made by an artisan who lives up near the Redwood Forest. A variety of new characters are most definitely in the works, for a stitch in time, is always the way...

Peace Potato Peeps

"spuds that speak...."

Of which my husband said-

"That's unique."

Part II

You know the topic

You know the spiel

Have a potato

Compost the peel

Chat if you feel it

Sit and relax

My garden's your garden

chitty, chit, chat

Weeds too have flowers

Children sing songs

Your world is my world

Love is for all


And so completes this second string of lines, in the ongoing; his/her story, of a most silly, & ridiculous family & their friends, of a well meaning group of recycled fabrics, & now that I finally have a working sewing machine, before too long, we should have an increased harvest of additional characters, perhaps with more rhymes too!

If you'd like to find out more in regards to the evolutionary process of the Peace Potato Peeps just click onto some of their previous episodes-

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