Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Mama Mountain to Home, Inspired Still

What a beautiful evening, we Barb-B-Q 'd a little, of which Dolly our rescue pup, will be having treats from our meal way into tomorrow. I've been experimenting with Pandora Radio, & it is really an awesome service. All I've been doing is clicking onto my favorite artist/songs, & a file is created & now I'm really in the groove. Tonight the selection has been basically music from the 60's & closing out with the beautiful sounds of the Paul Winter Concert.
All so perfect.

It's been busy here of course as we're beginning to have a call or inquiry asked in regards to our UN Peace Day event on September 18th, 3-5PM in Putnam, Ct. So more informational flyers will need to be printed, & last Tuesday my friend Pam & I were on the local radio station WINY with Gary O, to begin to get the word out. Now that I've completed my physical therapy regime as of last week, it's now up to me to stay very disciplined in order to keep making steady & consistent progress. So... I'm off to the track in a few minutes to log in a few laps, I did my workout in the community pool this morning, so this turtle, is back, with her slow & steady determined attitude.

Have a good evening one & all, & when next we speak I'll share some further details of our recent trip up to the Berkshires. Truly there's nothing quite like a mountain, to clear away the cob webs & any other clouded thoughts, for it's all timeless, & really quite beautiful to know what it is, we're intended to know, is just enough.

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