Friday, July 29, 2011

Life's A Beach, Revisited-

In thinking ever so deeply, throughout the course of an adult's lifetime, trying ever so hard to figure it out, & to make sense of some very complicated family dynamics; thoughts of the oldest of my two siblings had come to mind. The childhood family systems of our youth are oh, so complicated, & often times, it isn't until a good amount of time has past, which of course can give us a glimpse of an important perspective, that the puzzling riddle, becomes a bit less...
From these musings over a lifetime, I've finally come upon the germination of an aspect of cause & affect, in my own life-

Life's A Beach

I have this idealized view
of you
and me


children, young
happy too

your hair so dark
it's toddled curls

arms outstretched
mine for you
and you for us

those play date afternoons
of song,
and dance
a toy box, tapping plays

"ladies and gentlemen"

When did we grow
and grow
those teen aged, tangled years
so insecure,
strange placements
in the world

Our very loathsome
of family
and friends who filled
a void so deep,
that we withheld
an other's
outstretched hand

And so the play
played out
near full
in intermittent
calls, by phone
of family loss
and losses still
my heart it breaks
and yearns...

Extension of a sister's love
and care
for sorrow from that past
of which we knew
so fleetingly
a friendship dear
upon these waves,
of time.


Once again we end this day's posting with a poem, & thus concludes today's addition of-
Poetry A Muse In Motion.

7/31/11 About the opening paragraph- After a few days, it came to me that perhaps I should add a little narrative, sort of explaining the here & now, the lay of the land, so to speak. There, I feel a small glimmer has been explained, as best I could. For now that is, & tomorrow is August, oh my, time continues to fly....

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