Thursday, July 14, 2011

School May Be Out, But learning Is Forever

The photo at the top sets the tone of summertime in these here hills.
The shadow of my smile & such had just completed five laps around our favorite track. I'm making good progress as I'm relearning to be patient with myself, & that progress in all things is always, one step at a time...

The first book of my summer reading...
With a new one just begun...

Last week, I completed reading three novellas by Leo Tolstoy- A Landowner's Morning, The Devil, & the last of this trilogy being, Family Happiness. My son Mike had given me this book for a Christmas gift, as he knows how Tolstoy is my one true literary love.

These novellas were of course deep reaching in thought, for there is always a rich inner dialogue going on in the thought process of his characters, & the Russian environment of which he writes about is intricately detailed, where one really does see in their own mind, the actual time & place of where the event is happening. The earliest of these novellas goes back to 1856 in the original Russian, with the earliest translation to English in 1953. I am forever reassured when reading a Tolstoy piece, for there's no escape from the commonness of our humanity, no matter the person or situation, we are all one.

Next on my reading list is The Faith Club, by, Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, & Priscilla Warner. This book has been chosen by our Interfaith Group, for a book activity at our local library with the community at large. The Faith Club, is a collaborative work, by three woman- a Muslim, a Christian, & a Jew. I began reading it this afternoon, & have already found some of the narrative to be quite heartfelt & compelling, as it does bring forth an eminence sense of emotional connection once learning what one of the families have had to endure, & I am only on page 18 !

So as I work towards getting stronger & stronger in body mind & spirit, I am finding that there are continued challenges along the way, not only with the exercises that I have been doing in aquatic therapy, but also to once again allow myself the time to read, & to really delve in with each & every step & page, moving forward one new lesson at a time.

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Anonymous said...

Now my Friend, you are really are on the road to being a Healthy, Happy, Knowledgeable, YOU. Learning is Forever, and aren't we Lucky to be able to do so. Some Interesting reading you have taken on. A very inspiring Blog...Keep up the good work! LOL, b. Malin