Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Yuccas, Potatoes, People & Thee

Meet our new characters to the Peace Garden, of whom arrived late last night, to quite a bit of fanfare, this is still their first draft, or dress rehearsal, as they are still being nipped, tucked & refined.

The amazing stalk reaching for the sky is one of our original yuccas, given to me by a dear Gemini friend, many years ago.

Still working out the details with this cast, with a few more ideas in the wings...
On the evening of our forty-first anniversary, we traveled into Niantic, Ct. for a light dinner & a movie. The view shown here of the Long Island Sound, doesn't show the view to the far left, of which sits the Millstone Nuclear Power Stations, of which by NRC federal law, is required to store all their nuclear waste on site.
On the grounds of our favorite used book store in Niantic, on this hazy overcast evening & you know me, when it comes to the simplistic beauty, & complex messages of-
the ancient prayer flags
never it seems do I ever get enough photos or views of...
our prayers for health, & peace, & all that aids, comforts & heals humanity..

The weather has been wet, wet, wet- so like a rain forest as we await the bloom of our yuccas. Here in the Peace Garden even among all the weeds, & having pushed through a really hard winter the stalk of one of these ordinary, yet magnificent plants could rival any upscale sapling & here you will see her, reaching up to the sky, to eventually burst forth in small white orchid-like blossoms. Every summer at this time, as we await these blooms, my heart goes out to Yucca Flats, we are one with you Yucca Flats, for we don't want it in your backyard either, never ever. No Nukes.

On 6/24/11 , additional related information has come forth on this topic-


On a completely different note, the topic I've decided to mull over is; what does one do on the rainy days, here in these here hills...

My solution the past couple of days, since it has been rather wet & wild & not quite suitable for the kind of outdoor activities that I have been yearning for, what to do, what to do....
Da..da... Yes here they are, as they have only arrived the other evening, a new character has been sown/sewed, yes literally sewed, & glued too for, they are,

Peace Potato Peeps
& Friends

It really brings me back to several winters ago, when my husband & I were staying with our grandchildren for a good part of a week. Our very talented daughter in law, who does an incredible job in her area of sales, had been awarded a trip to Mexico for herself & our son.
Sooo, when Poppy & Nana were asked to stay with the grand kids, you can be sure we didn't hesitate to do so, as who best to watch & care for young ones, when the parents were to be away we figured, but us. It was a challenging experience to say the least, as our grandson was in first grade, & our granddaughter then a preschooler, but we worked their schedules well, & got into a rhythm. I found that former Brownie Scout/Girl Scout person that I am, did the best when there was a craft, & a story or a song to fill the day.

The Peace Potato Peeps, are a true inspiration of that week we all spent together. They're only in the first phase of course, but they're not due out until September 18th, for our United Nations International Peace Day event, for by then they will be duly ready for harvest.

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Anonymous said...

As usual Cheryl, a Fun and Upbeat Blog along with Wonderful Photos and Captions..You didn't let the Rainy Weather get you down. We could sure use some Rain here!. It was nice reading your Reminiscing, about taking care of your Grandchildren as well...Very Enjoyable. LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thanks Barb. Truly my grandchildren inspired this next generation of characters-

the Peace Potato Peeps

I think they'll get a kick out of them, but as I said, this is a first draft, as I'm now about to graze for some finishing touches..

Well it's almost pool time for this "hip"py!

Thank U* so, for your comments & support dear friend, across the miles... xo