Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Uniqueness of Traditions

Sand grains (1)

Yesterday morning, between 8:30-9:00 because we're empty nester's now, most of our visitors call before coming over, so to have a white mid-sized sedan pull up our driveway, as I was standing at my favorite window, peering out onto our weedy, yet beautiful summer garden what should I see, but four people who we do not know, determined to pay us an early visit. "Oh my goodness, I think we are going to be called upon by the uninvited religious group that we all know, yet don't really know, who come to our homes unannounced & unexpected, & often at the most inopportune times. Oh my!"

We are of course first in line for religious tolerance, & respect for differences, but also I must add, I am ultimately for human kindness, decency & the right to privacy, so no matter an individuals religious preferences if one is requesting a dialogue, call, write, or email first, but in my mind the best way to inform others of something so personal as one's religious beliefs & affiliations; present news releases, workshops, videos, interfaith invites, & tv programing, just to name a few, but to appear on an individuals doorway, unannounced, to discuss such an important topic this way, in my mind, does not create the respectful bridges of communication many of us yearn for.

So, in conclusion, I will say, this topic will be continued to be pondered, for every religion has it's very own beliefs & customs, as the fine line always shifts, in time's, sands.


The opening photograph is the artistic expression of Dr. Gary Greenberg & his "Tiny Grains of Sand Magnified 250 times", from a site in Australia of who's link our eldest son Tyler helped connect me with. Thank you Tyler, is awesome! Gary Greenberg's photography can be found at--

Of which I hope you visit, as his photos are truly awesome. Thank you, Gary Greenberg !

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you opened your door to these people, but I do not. In this day and age one also has to be Careful...I do not approve having someones's Religious believes pushed in my direction. I don't get it. Well written Blog. LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Barb, I certainly know what U* mean. It is not an occurance that is comftorable, as they tend to appear at a time which has always been most inconvenient, which of course does not help w/ the message they are trying to share. I've been told by friends that this method is part of their religous teaching, but I do feel being we all are in a new century, perhaps it would be good if they could reconsider their "outreach method", so a better understanding, could come forth, for w/ this way of "outreach" the important dialogue of understanding gets misplaced.