Monday, July 25, 2011

Chaos, A Natural of The Norm, A Dance, Yet Grounded With A Sword

Chaos, truly a natural occurrence, & have never known it, to not.....

When in early May of this year, I took that brief, yet definitive tumble from a mere two wheeler, my small life, temporarily put into, chaos, yet chaos is with us always, & has been, from the very start....
Bang, so very big, just a theory of course, but doesn't it make sense.... A meteor, a galaxy or two, three... billions... an iceage, a timeless notion of timelessness. For it has all existed before us, & will after, therefore, chaos when we embrace her, she is our friend, for from it, some of our most profound challenges, yet far reaching solutions, have come from having experienced being carried by her winds,


As I had expressed my bike fall from early on in May, though most tramatic & chaotic at the time, as only naturally so, forced me to be reminded, of oh so very much, distilling down to one's own mortality, & the not so gentle reminder of the fagilelness of a single human life, even when it is our own, it does bring very close to the forefrount of one's mind, just how wonderful & marvelous it is to posesses even though our time on this earth is very short & temporary, the ability to experience it all, even when the winds & their force, can make one feel, so very much alone.

I am most blessed & please to say, my healing continues in body, mind & spirit-

To say we danced the night away, atop a mountain's wedding cake, a celebration,
dear friends so,
& near our hearts
please keep.


7/26/11 at 12:56AM, after some extended thought I realised that the above four lines is a poem, & is therefore to be included amongst the leaves of the Poetry A Muse In Motion project, for still sometimes it takes me by surprise, this muse that dwells within. It must be, because only yesterday we walked amongst the rooms of Dear Emily's once home,
Emily Dickinson
our sister kin.

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Anonymous said...

Chaos, is a Dance all by it's self that we all do during our Life Time of Learning...we stumble, we fall, we get up, and life goes on! Glad to read of your steady fast progress and your Wonderful Thoughts. LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* for your positive comments & suport going foward Barb.

Though at times, most complicated, never boring, & always an area for growth, chaos.