Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Body Speak-

Here we are, my husband & I standing at the back entrance of the home of Emily Dickinson, in Amherst, Ma. We were up in the Berkshires this past weekend celebrating in the marriage of our dear friends', son & new daughter-in-law. It was an awesome event, of extended fam & friends, with blessings of health & happiness to Lindsey & Michael the bride & groom, which filled every heart & mind! The positive energy of the event on Saturday was so awesomely powerful, that we had the energy to find our way the very next day, to the home of our modest, yet great American poet, Emily.

Body Speak

I lift my arm
my shoulder too
at elbow's region's map
the arm extends a wrist it finds
a juncture too of fact
a thumb extends, and others reach
but not, to do it far
work within a body's speak
that's how one lifts this far

For aches and pains they come with time
from disproportioned use
and over, over, we do use
of this I know is truth

To use the body long and full
extend it through a life
does take good care, and pauses too
to balance out the strife


And here we meet again, same day, not time, for an additional posting of the-
Poetry A Muse In Motion, project.

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Nishant said...

Nice poetry..I like..:)

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Nishant, poetry is truth, for all us poets, it's very meaningful that U* like it. Enjoyed your visit, please come again.

In Peace Always

Anonymous said...

What an Exciting weekend for your and yours. A Wonderful Celebration of a Marriage, and then to see the home of Emily Dickinson...What a Treat! I also enjoyed reading your Poem Cheryl, a Rich and Rewarding read my Friend. LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Barb. The weekend was awesome*, as celebrating the marriage of our dear friends' son & new daughter-in-law, w/ all of the extended fam* & friends in attendence from all over the country was a pure joy! And visiting Emily's homestead, for this poet's heart, was pure icing on the cake! She, we, are so alike, in our very hearts, as we feel so very much, so deeply, it hurts at times.

LOL, & Peace Always, dear fella- writer/poet!