Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dickinson, Poe, Chicago & Thee / Thoughts About the Peace Garden

We so recommend the above film, Louder Than A Bomb for the bravery, artistry & the uniqueness of this film, it is now planted here as one of the Peace Garden's all time favorites-

About the Peace Garden

a garden,

known as a place,
where plants so grow..

our minds our thoughts
they too, we sow

to share ideas that they may seed
to blossom forth, the care they bring

so here amongst the photos shown
a line or two, an essay grown

with one idea there comes a poem
it may take time for it to hone

no, none of it will change the world
or even straighten out a curl

yet I do know, we need a voice
our precious world, oh such a cost

the artists, playwrights, poets too
it's what we say, it's what we do

so please express your deepest thoughts
it may just lessen, lifetimes loss

just one more word, and one more prayer
the artists soul
we just plain care


Yesterday evening my husband, son & I got to see the film, Louder Than A Bomb, which is about a poetry slam held every March in the city of Chicago, one of my very young childhood cities, as I had lived out in Skokie [Sowkie, my first version misspelled] so many decades ago, so long ago that the proper spelling alluded me, but not my love for a precious hometown. This documentary filmed aspects of the event's eighth year of competition. The participants are teams from the various public & private high schools in the city. If I were to say that this movie totally blew us away, even those words would be inadequate, as there is something very special in regards to taking in a story of the blossoming of the precious young people in our society. The entire mix of us, all colors, all faiths, all shapes & sizes. All of us, you, & I meshed together in a large city, having the opportunity to connect, living & breathing, of what resides in the hearts of an individual, through the rhythming & the beat, of a poem.

Move over Emily Dickinson, & Edgar Allen Poe, yes, there's room for a few more!


And so concludes today's addition to our ongoing--
Poetry A Muse In Motion project.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden


Anonymous said...

What a Wonderful Blog Cheryl, first off I must compliment your Lovely Poem about the Peace Garden, it was a Wonderful read.
"Louder than a Bomb"...what a Wonderful, Wonderful, Idea that seems to have grown with the kids of Chicago." A Poetry Slam"...Wow, and now on film for all of us (hopefully) to enjoy and gain insight to their talents. Thanks for the Video and Review. We will look for it.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to sign the abobel post, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank u* Barb, for your positive comment, but most of all for your "knowing" from one poet to another, of how it is we deeply feel about aspects of our life in "the world".

Take good care, & we too will do our best to do so, & hope to see u* & Stephan once again this summer at the Jersey Shore!

lol, & shalom, salam, baris, true "peace on earth"

hapi said...

Hi Mother Lightning, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog