Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taking Nothing For Granted, Walking The Walk

Taking Nothing For Granted, Walking The Walk

To walk with rhythm
smooth with grace
a goal that's set for me

To walk this earth
is simple yet
presents complexities

The fall was fast
was hard, and flat
was down there very quick

Must learn again
to walk the mound
and slip not,
or to crash

It's simple, hard
a basic move
of this I strive to do
and I do pray
to practice well,
and listen, to the clues--

it's body speak,
and body talk
an ergonomic phrase
that we preform
our efforts paced
in bodies, mindful ways


And so concludes today's addition of our ongoing Poetry A Muse In Motion project.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden


Anonymous said...

It's Amazing what We do take for Granted and Walking, Wonderful Precious Walking, is one of them. Soon, my dear Friend Soon, you will be among the Walking Again! I Truly enjoyed your Poem, sounds like it came from the Heart and Soul of You! LOL b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Hi Barb, Thanks for the comment, very, very kind & supportive. I've been walking for some weeks now, but now it's a matter of time for the internal healing of the bruised bone, & getting the ligaments & muscles, back in order again too. It does take a bit of time for the healing process, but my attitude is very positive, & it will just be "one step at a time", as it has always been in life. I was on crutches for 2 wks. in May, & way back when, when I was a teenager too, so to be out & about, "turtle style" again is Aok for me. The accident could have been a lot worse, & so far, no hints of any fractures, of which I am so very thankful.
We'll be down for a visit once again, once my stride is suited for the Jersey Shore! lol