Thursday, June 9, 2011

A True Rolling Thunder Review

Downtown Putnam, Ct. this morning, to celebrate with a fresh brewed coffee at Victoria Station, after being given the go ahead to ride my stationary bike for five minutes, & to increase it each day by two minutes if tolerated. Yes, happy, happy joy, joy with my slow, but steady progress.

Yesterday & today, but tomorrow's June roses here, may end up being a bit weathered after this evenings storm...
A few views from my tree house type perch, of the overall darkness at arround 5:10pm EDST.
This photo was taken through the screened window, but the winds were beginning to pick up, & there wasn't a chance of me going out there unless I had to..
Here she stands, my Japanese dog wood tree, with it's pink blossoms, a gift so many years ago from some very dear friends, standing out there with dignity & grace as the rains, rained on...

In the early 70's my husband & I went to see Bob Dylan, & the Rolling Thunder Review at the Hartford Civic Center. It was of course an awesome performance, & we loved every minute of it. Here it is now, our generation's fellow gemini, the genius troubadour poet, celebrating his 70th year on planet earth. Just had to mention that, being this evening the northeast experienced it's very own rolling thunder review, but of a different kind-


We do not control nature
it controls us
all of us
big, tall, small, weak
we are all equal
before the forces
of nature,
I sat holed up
in a cellar dug halfway into the ground
they said to go
during heavy
I saw the bolt
while sitting
thought I'd read
ride it out
big, tall small, and weak
not I,
I thought-

before nature
her power
her glory
her beauty too,
we are all


This completes tonight's addition to the ongoing Poetry A Muse In Motion, project.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

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