Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Behind The Scenes Preparing for the UN International Day of Peace 2011

Earlier this week Mother Lightning's Peace Garden was at the Putnam Library continuing to facalitate in the making of peace & harmony flags, before gathering for our annual June potluck dinner & meeting of the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council. Group members met at our fella member's Pam's home, along with some of our spouses, & extended families too. Everything was perfecto, not only in regards to the various dishes each one of us had decided to bring, but the sincere caring of our growing friendships, one human being to another, as we have planned & worked together over these few short years which has been a blessing in the creation of new friendships.

We are in the midst of planning our hometown event's addition of the United Nations International Day of Peace, for this coming September 18th, in downtown Putnam, Ct. On the program for this very special day, will be music, speaker presentations, craft projects, a community art show, & prayers for peace offered from the different faiths, of the various faith based communities that we all come from.

We know we all live in a far from perfect world, as the reality is that human beings, are far from perfect people. But, we also know that there are more good, than not in our species, & our wells continue to abundantly fill with those who care.

So as much as this Peace Day event will be fun, we are in the process now of pulling together, to help create this special day, that by doing so, & listening to one an other's positives & negatives, in regards to trying so very hard to weave it all together, that in our own small way, helps to make this a better world, putting forth the continued message of- tolerance, acceptance & peace.

May peace be with you, & also with you..

The following e address takes you to Utube, of which you will find the International Prayer For Peace. I am in hopes that the follwing link will work when you go to click on, if not just go ahead & type in the lettering, it should hopefully bring you there. If only World Peace, were as simple.

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Anonymous said...

As usual my Friend, your Blog was a Wonderful uplifting, as well as useful read. So full of such interesting Information. It would be wonderful to live in a Peaceful World, if only our Politicians would allow that! LOL. b. Malin