Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Fathers Day, always an honored tradition. The photo of todays' posting is of my beloved father, Samuel Myron Kapelner, & moi' during a family visit to the Bronx Zoo, some twenty three years ago. Our trips into the Bronx Zoo, were always a delightful adventure, of that we were never, ever disappointed.

My father was born in Yonkers, N.Y., eventually moved with my grandparents & his sister to the Lower Eastside, of New York, of which I do recall so many travels, & gatherings, visiting our grandparents there. We traveled by bus & by subway to visit when we lived in the Bronx, & when we moved away to Connecticut we traveled by train out of Union Station in Hartford, to Grand Central in NYC. The trips into New York became most challenging once my father got his first car, as my parents didn't need one, living in N.Y. I remember sitting in the back with my brother, it was comfortable enough with the big upholstered seat & all, but it was the motion of the highway drive that caused many of those long trips to engulf me in some pretty good bouts of motion sickness. To this day, I still prefer the train.
My father was self made as so many of his generation were, & became a well educated, & respected scientist. He was a true Renaissance man, loved sports, & the arts, even played football for Kansas State while serving in the Army. He always shared his time with me, & taught me all about family, love, acceptance, tolerance, & all aspects of what goes into creating an upstanding person. Today on Fathers Day 2011, as our three sons, & two grandchildren, make the calls, & come to visit, their dad, my husband, we honor all the fathers who have given their sons, daughters, & grandchildren so very, very much of themselves, not only on Fathers Day, but every day, as they are with us in our hearts for always.

A wonderful Fathers Day, you Dads & Granddads, you are certainly Grand to us!

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