Monday, June 20, 2011

With the Summer Solstice Soon to Arrive, Good Morning World

Above is a constant scene that greets one, coming & going from these here hills. The manikin in profile, is forever pondering;
what in the world, have we done to this world...

The roses, of which are named Mr. Lincoln, were given to me by our son Mike when he was a high school student, for Mothers Day. They grace the garden amongst; St. Francis, Mother Mary, & even one of Mark Twain's book faeries, & are mere symbols of some of our differences in the views & beliefs, of which the Peace Garden, gives each image the respect of the people it represents, their honor & due...
Which includes all sentient beings, of whom my dog Dolly is of course amongst..
Sitting when told, & taking a good directional from out in the woods of-
listening with a good sniff..

Good morning everyone, here it is Monday, Monday & here we are at another Monday through Friday on this side of the globe. Midway in June, that's where we all are, & with the Summer Solstice edging it's way to arrive tomorrow, we will experience the longest day of the year on the northern hemisphere. In truth, I never knew about any of this growing up, just shows one how lacking a secondary education was back in the day, for me anyway, for not even knowing the significance of June 21st, for it was on that date, that my husband & I married, some forty-one years ago tomorrow. Quite a span of time for any earthling's narrative. It must have been the date, with it's unique cosmic connections, that helped enable us to get through all the waters that a relationship can fathom, as we too, as any couple, are ourselves unique individuals, truly; a couple unique in our relationship with one another, as any bit of stardust in the sky.

Wishing everyone a starry Summer Solstice, & look forward to talking to you again soon.

With Love & Peace Always,

Mother Lightning

For more information on the Solstice here's a link you may enjoy-

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary Steve & Cheryl! 41 years, that is quite an accomplishment, and the 2 of you always seem to be smiling. Best wishes for many more healthy years together. See you next week hopefully.

Mother Lightning said...

Thank u* Michelle. What can I say, the years seem to have zoomed... It's really quite amazing to have reached this point, & at this juncture, the important signifance of getting to know all of our interfaith friends. The very fact that Beatrice is your daughter, & having been in some small way w/ you, & Anthony on your "epic journey" to Viet Nam, was in many ways, our epic journey too, from back in '68, which set the tone, & helped define the life we went forward to live. Truly.

Life definitely is a circle.

Looking forward to next week, having been mulling over my inspiration of what to bring that will be fun to prepare & to enjoy!