Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Upcoming Year 5770

The number pretty much speaks for it's self. At Rosh Hashanah, as per usual at the beginning of a new year, we often come up with New Years Resolutions. I've made mine-- to work at being less busy, & time urgent, then I seem to have become over the past few months. I will prepare my mind for this so come January I will not be taking on quite so many new projects or responsibilities. I will just focus on getting done what I have committed to, to the best of my ability, & go on from there. As I've said, one only has so much time & energy in their vessel, & I will pare it down, so I have the creative zest to get our Children's Book Series published. To do that, creative time with my muse is a must. That's what has always worked for me, & when I get too busy I don't even have time to paint or doodle & that, well that's unacceptable. As a creative soul I need it all for my spirit to flourish. Just taking in colorful flowers this afternoon at the grocery store, that was enough of a reminder. To be or not to be, & I'm being, & enjoying the colors & the beauty, it puts my mind at ease.


*In Honor of a True Creative Songbird

Mary Travers a true creative soul, Mary-- of Peter, Paul & Mary has passed on. Mary Travers, we will miss your sweet voice & harmonies. We will miss all that you represented of our generation. We love you, & the artistry that you have given the world. Thank you & Bless You Forever.


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