Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From The Series-- First Poems In The Sky*

First Poems In The Sky

Above the land,
below the clouds,
below the stars,
my plane doth tilt

Below the sun
under the moon
I'm far from home,
Will be back soon

My fam's event
I sit
I muze
All outfits set
including shoes

You have your suit,
your wardrobe's set,
My hair, my hair,
I'll do my best

The wind doth blow
and clouds of air
We'll make it there
for much we care

A life seems long
It seems short too
and this my heart
and soul
"I do".


*I dedicate these poems in the loving memory of my Grandparents, Benjamin & Anna, my Father, Samuel, & my Aunt Nettie & Uncle Jack, who came "to be" way, way-- before me.


Good Health, Love, Happiness & Peace--
Heather & Benjamin
of whom, who's wedding we are attending.


(Flying over the continental United States, address unknown, written by a sky traveler.}

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