Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Mind Is A Garden Of Thoughts*

Today the rains came. It may be dreary out, but all in all a quiet & peaceful Sunday. As I go about the day I am well aware that this is the eve of Yom Kippur, the most solemn of all Jewish Holidays. My husband is at a New England Patriot's game this afternoon, with a dear friend & a family member, & me, well all is good on this rainy puppy bound afternoon.

Dolly had a lot of quality family time with us this weekend, with her freedom to romp with an audience in attendance, & walk on a leash too. She's becoming quite the dogie companion. I may attend religious services this evening I don't always go, but tonight may make it a good choice as our UN International Peace Day event was canceled due to rain. For the past few years I've attended this event, & just recently last year & this, my husband & I became members of the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council. This is the same wonderful group of people who planned & held a candle lit vigil in downtown Putnam, days after the 911 tragedy. I had attended the event with our youngest son, & his friend, along with the several thousand people that evening, we all had a strong need to come together & mourn. It is a real honor & pleasure to be working along side such caring & compassionate individuals who are dedicated & devoted to world peace.

So as tomorrow's Day of Atonement comes closer, & though our local peace day celebration became rained out, it is what's in the heart of every person that counts, those invisible thoughts, which manifest as our actions & deeds. As I've shared we are an interfaith family & we also have dear friends of various faith based communities, often I would enjoy hearing the Priest say during Mass,-- "Peace be with you." & the congregation would answer "And also with you." Our work is cut out for us, & all we can do, is to do it, one step at a time. Events in the park are colorful & fun, & it helps to fortify us by giving back to our community in this way. So until next year when we will try our hand at this again, for we shall be so ready!

As this day slowly becomes evening, one of my main reasons to attend religious services tonight is to have the opportunity to share some of our non perishable food items from our kitchen, with the local food pantry of which we are told there is a tremendous need. My husband volunteers at this food pantry occasionally & also works for a local Meals On Wheels program. Food, clothing & shelter so necessary, yet not by bread alone.

I wish you peace.


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