Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tomorrow May Be One Of September Rains--

The above is a hand made peace flag from a dear friend's garden, & the lower work of art is of course a child's eye view of the good in all of us.

Our local celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace, may not be an event in our neck of the woods after all, time will tell... My car remains half packed in preparation for the event nonetheless & if it has to be canceled due to a September rain, then so-be-it. Ultimately when it's all said & done it's truly, the intention that matters.

So with that, there's nothing more to be said, though our sky may choose to weep.

{My closing statement is of course a bit tongue in cheek, for in all actuality, for an event to be called off due to rain will never be the end of the world. For a topic of that seriousness in nature to exist would of course have to be the arms race. Now that would be an event worth calling off, permanently-- no more arms race. Questions, thoughts, comments, are we there yet? We can all be the judge of that.}

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