Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Of Many Projects In The Works & More To Come--

This is the first time I'm adding a download to this blog, wish me luck, if it works out I'll post it. As I decided early on, one of my goals is to become a bit more secure with the technology. For me it's really quite the learning experience, & I'm always amazed at just how simple it is to learn something new with this computer. I've just got to stop being a scary cat, but now that I have a new puppy, well those scary cat days are-- going, going gone... She sits now & stays a little, but I've still got to have her master, come & stay a bit more on cue.

Today worked out just fine, an attempt & I think a success at in bedding a downloaded image in today's post, a call to a water expert at our state's agency also a positive response, & last but not least-- da, da, da, da,.... My co author & I will soon be launching a new blog, with the help of our new illustrator, long, long story of course, but when it all happens that too will be something new & exciting to learn how to do, for Our New Children's Book Series, I'll definitely keep you posted, & we'll share the tale of how that project came to be.


Anonymous said...

Great news about your project! It sounds like it is beginning to take shape. Who is your illustrator? Anyone from around here? PS, love the banner.

Mother Lightning said...

Our illustrator is a very talented gal from Maryland. Though my co- author & I had to drop the ball, on several occasions when ever we've contacted her, she's remained up beat & positive, regarding our project.

She is not only very talented & will do a great job w/ our characters, but is a real sweet gal to work with. We are all so excited about this project!

Thank U for your interest, we'll keep U posted, for sure.

Mother Lightning said...

& Oh, so glad U like "The Banner", seeing it unfurled is really quite the site to behold. I'll be sure to get some photos of all that too.